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Airgunner Challenge | Season 4
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Challenge 13 | The Finale
Challenge 12 | Speed Block
Challenge 11 | Round and Around
Challenge 10 | Saving Private Steel
Challenge 9 | Pit of Pigs
Challenge 8 | Trick Shots
Challenge 7 | Blitz Jet, Ready… Break!
Challenge 6 | The Ulitmate Star
Challenge 5 | The Ultimate Duel
Challenge 4 | Paddle Battle
Challenge 3 | Lights Out
Challenge 2 | Jenga
Challenge 1 | Fastest 3 Birds
The Airgunner Challenge
Season 4

Welcome to The Airgunner Challenge – Influencer Edition! This reality shooting competition follows 8 competitors with major shooting skills in the firearm industry, and introduces them to the up and coming, trending air rifle and airgun industry through intense shooting challenges each week with crazy set-ups and targets!

This season is insane and entertaining with a diverse range of personalities including two U.S. Army Vets, Naked and Afraid Finalist, Navy SEAL Vet, Firearm YouTuber and Video Creator, U.S.M.C. Vet, Outdoorsman and Huntress, and a Call of Duty character – but only one is walking away with $25,000 and the 2023 Airgunner Challenge Champion Belt!


Nina Rogers

If quirky one-liners are your thing, take note from this East Tennessean who’s had a gun in hand from the age of 5! Nina Rogers hustles through the week with the Airforce, and is a sharp shooting hunter on the weekends!

Nick Johnson

A YouTuber from small town America, Nick Johnson is feared by all with his firearms trick shooting skills.

Kayla Nevius

Don’t let Kayla Nevius fool you. She’s a badass angler first, that just happens to be an equally badass hunter!

John Keys

John Keys, a quick-witted Marine Corps Veteran and founder/host of Guns Out TV, loves all things firearms & gun culture. Don’t think he’s not gunning for Rossi’s job in addition to that prize money!

April Nicol

You might recognize her as Roze from Call of Duty, but April Nicol is also an ER/Trauma nurse and used to making quick decisions in challenging situations!

Bobby Bushcraft

A retired Police Sergeant and US Army Vet, Bobby Bushcraft is a sharp shooter that now loves spending his time shooting photography.

Amber Hargrove

Amber Hargrove is a US Army Veteran & Outdoor Survivalist who thrives in challenging situations. She’s ready to get back to her love of shooting after surviving 5 seasons on Naked & Afraid!

Ray Cash Care

Navy Seal Veteran, Ray “Cash” Care, travels across the country speaking, coaching and motivating. He’s keeping everyone fired up this season!

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