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Velocity Airgun Calculator
* The speed of sound is an estimate based on air at sea level and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity will also affect the speed of sound.
Did you know...
  • Chuck Yeager was the first person to break the speed of sound and it was a bumpy ride getting there.
  • Some modern airguns can shoot a projectile FASTER than the speed of sound. This high speed can come with a price if the projectile moves to a slower speed (below Mach 1) and the pellet starts to tumble.
  • The speed of sound (Mach = 1) is where an object moves at the speed of sound waves.
  • When a gun shoots a projectile at or above the speed of sound, there is an audible cracking sound or mini sonic boom.
  • The speed of sound in different units (assumes “standard” air):
    • 340.3 m/s
    • 1225 km/h
    • 761 MPH
    • 1116 FPS
  • There are multiple descriptions for Mach measured speeds:
    • Subsonic: Under 0.8 mach, 609 mph, or 893 FPS.
    • Transonic: Between mach .08 to 1.2 mach, 609 to 914 mph, or 893 to 1340 FPS.
    • Supersonic: Mach 1.2 to 5.0, 915 to 3,806 mph, or 1,341 to 5,582 FPS.
    • Hypersonic: Mach 5.0 to 10.0, 3806 to 7612 mph, or 5,582 to 11,164 FPS.
    • Also see
  • The .22-250 Remington and 220 Swift are two of the fastest production firearm bullets. The bullet leaves the barrel at more than 4200 FPS.
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