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As Seen in 2017

As seen on TV from our 2017 episode 13
Tired of deer eating your plants? Don’t want neighbors snooping around with your knowing? Need a survival alert system? This DIY Bam Scram using Big Blast Caps is for you. Download the color PDF instructions here or for a smaller file, download the black & white instructions here.

Want to find out more about the air guns, places, people and events that you saw during our currently airing season of American Airgunner? This is a great place to start!

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Airgunner 2017

Airgun Gear

Bear Hunting with an Airgun: We started our 2017 season off with a bear hunt in Virginia. The first and likely the last bear harvested with an airgun due to changing laws. This was not a hunt for the faint of heart. The terrain was rough. If you missed it, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can see it there. Big Blast Caps!
We like booms and bet you do too. We regularly use Big Blast Caps. Buy Big Blast Caps now!Big Blast Caps
Sign Up for the Pyramyd Air Cup: An annual competition using air guns hosted by Pyramyd Air in Ohio. Watch this video to learn more about it! Register for the Pyramyd Air Cup now! Our 2017 episode number three is all about Field Target at the Pyramyd Air Cup! Can an Air Gun take big game like a bear or deer? Undoubtedly yes! The possibilities are endless, especially with .45, .50, and even .68 caliber air guns available.
Best Airgun for the Family: The round table experts agreed that the Colt Peacemaker is a great first airgun for the family, because it’s easy to use, easy to teach safety with, and it’s enjoyable to shoot. They thought a good air rifle for a family with older more capable shooters would be a Walther Terrus or a RWS Model 34 with the Terrus being easier to charge due to a lower cocking effort. Airgun 3-Gun: Started by Rob Potter of a non-profit group called Shoot Right out of Phoenix, Arizona. Also find Airgun 3-Gun and Shoot Right on Facebook. See Airgun and Airsoft 3-Gun in action here: American Airgunner 2015 Air 3-Gun
Gun Review of the Colt M45 CQBP made by Umarex. This is the most entertaining review of an air pistol ever televised! Watch it now on YouTube: Air Gun Steel Challenge: Started by non-profit, Shoot Right out of Arizona, it uses proportionally sized steels and is modeled after “Steel Challenge.”
Air Gun Deer Hunting: Legal in only a few select states. Jim Chapman hunts for whitetail in Virginia. He uses a 172 grain hollow point using a Quackenbush .452 air gun.


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