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Airgunner Challenge | Season 2
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Challenge 9 | Brick House
Challenge 8 | Around the World
Challenge 7 | Trick Shots
Challenge 6 | Ultimate Duel
Challenge 5 | This Little Piggy
Challenge 4 | Crapshoot
Challenge 3 | Air Darts
Challenge 2 | AIR Texan
Challenge 1 | Board Games
The Airgunner Challenge
Season 2

The Airgunner Challenge is a reality style shooting competition that pits 8 men and women against each other in 10 intense shooting challenges. The competitors test both skill and strategy to knock down and explode various reactive targets with a multitude of airguns. Ranging from .50 Caliber to Arrow guns, these airgunners will run, jump, zipline and compete in hopes of winning the $25,000 prize and being crowned the 2021 Airgunner Challenge Champion.


John Bagakis

John is from California and is shooting for Daystate. He’s competitively shot firearms for 20 years, and is a seven time International Revolver Champion (ICORE)! In 2017, John entered his first airgun competition, Extreme Benchrest. He now competes in Field Target, Benchrest, and Speed Shooting with airguns. John got into competitive shooting after getting busted for street racing in the late 90’s. That’s when he took his competitiveness to the legal arena with his shooting disciplines!

Brady Lawing

Brady is the youngest competitor at 18 years old, and from North Carolina. He also was the fan favorite selected to represent American Airgunner! Brady has been shooting airguns since he was three years old, and currently competes in 3-Gun (rifle, shotgun, pistol). When Brady isn’t competing in 3-Gun he enjoys hunting, fishing and camping!

Gabby Franco

Gabby is originally from Venezuela, and currently lives in Virginia. She is representing Walther Arms, and used their firearms as an Olympic Shooter. She was also the first female shooter to represent Venezuela! Gabby has been shooting firearms for 29 years, is an instructor, and shoots competitively. She won three gold medals at the South American Games in Brazil, competed at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, and has travelled to 18 countries. Although she doesn’t shoot airguns often, her skills are lethal! When she is not shooting you can find her dancing merengue, salsa, and flamenco!

Nic Gregoris

Nic hails from New York and is shooting for Air Arms. His journey began with a Red Ryder at 11 years old. During an ammo shortage in 2012, his mentor suggested trying air rifle Field Target and has now been shooting competitively for nine years. In 2017, he was the last competitor standing to win the Gunslynger Piston Division at the Pyramyd Air Cup! Nic isn’t just a performer on the shooting range. He competes for the ballroom dance team at Binghamton University, while also studying jazz piano and saxophone for his music minor. He’s currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Financial Economics!

Abby Casey

Abby is competing on behalf of Air Force Airguns, her motto is “aim small, miss small”! After hunting with her father, the love for shooting started at a young age. She then joined the air rifle team in high school, and shot competitively in the NCAA at college. Her love for the sport has continued. Abby is now a hunting ambassador for Browning and competes in Bench Rest with the airgun industry. Abby is also a chainsaw carver and rides motorcycles!

Bryan Cross

Bryan is shooting for Umarex and coming to us from Wyoming. He is an Extreme Long-Range shooter, with a personal best of 3,800 yards with the 375 Cheytac! Although a shooter for over 30 years, he is newer to Airgunning. Bryan started with an Umarex Gauntlet and hasn’t looked back since. Bryan’s been in the music industry for 25 years and worked with some of the biggest artists. Because of the hectic travel schedule he uses the sport of shooting as a stress reliever!

Lauren Parsons

Lauren is representing LCS Air Arms and originally from South Africa. She’s definitely no stranger to competition, seeing her first match at just eight years old! Although Lauren participates in several disciplines, her specialty is Field Target Shooting. Airgun competition has taken her across the globe to quite a few World Championships, one of them being the 2015 Ladies World Championship, which she won! Lauren is a scuba diver with a degree in Agricultural Sciences.

Keith Gibson

Keith has been shooting airguns since he was six years old and is representing FX Airguns! He’s a bourbon distiller by trade, and a former where he & his partner specialize in long range pest control and tutorials combat medic in the Army. “68 Whiskey” is the designation for combat medic, and that just happens to be the name of his YouTube Channel to help newcomers in the industry. Keith is also an archer, building his own wooden longbows for hunting. A man of many hats, he’s also a blacksmith, farmer, and restaurateur, in addition to a YouTuber and distiller!

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