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YouTube Secrets & Stumbling Into Your Passion with Joe Rhea of Cyclops Videos

Though his roots for starting on YouTube were all about classic airguns, Joe saw a gap in the “guns” niche that had room for improvement and took advantage of that opportunity. With the help and support of several other airgun community members, Joe’s channel “Cyclops Videos Joe W Rhea” has taken off and is one of the top channels for reviewing optics. One key factor to his growth is his personality and sense of humor.  Not only do we cover the YouTube secrets and the journey of growing a channel, but we cover the real life challenges and practicality associated with doing this. Life happens in the midst of pursuing your passions and hobbies and you must overcome those obstacles to succeed. Joe embodies what it means to persevere through many different trials and is seeing the fruit of what dedication, authenticity and consistency bring. Making a point to be vulnerable and talk about real life challenges and hardships makes this one of my favorite episodes because of how real and raw it is. It’s not all fun and games; kittens and rainbows. But, as always, we cover airgun topics and practical advice regarding shooting them and which one is right for you. If you’re looking ofr optics reviews that are real, honest and trustworthy, be sure to follow along with Cyclops Videos on YouTube!

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