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Whiskey, Guns, Farm Life and Philly Cheesesteaks with 68 Whiskey

Competitive shooter and army veteran, Keith, meets Gracie Jujitsu Instructor and RC extraordinaire, Norm, and the rest is history. Shooting high-powered powder burners at long range on a farm, they slowly moved to PCPs for the sake of their neighbors and haven’t turned back. Norm and Keith have become excellent long range airgunners, each boasting confirmed kills of over 300 yards on barn pigeons which can be seen on their YouTube channel, 68 Whiskey. They have tons of experience in shooting all types of guns and ammunition and claim that airgunning has made them better shots overall. Facts and no fluff, they aim to be the best, use the best and produce the best content they can for viewers as they embark on their fairly new-found love journey with airguns. Their experience over the last year has already gained them insight and innovation in the industry as Norm has helped develop a speed loader for high capacity magazines for FX, Daysyate and Hatsan models and they have both been on the receiving end of product testing from the best companies. 

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****As COVID-19 is still affecting day to day life around the world, you can support the grass-fed and finished farm and get yourself a speed loader to pass the quarantine time. To support these gentlemen here are the emails to get a hold of the highest quality beef and some amazing speed loaders. 

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