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UpNorthAirgunner, Chris Turek: Hunting Tips, World Records and Knowing Your Airgun Laws

Chris Turek, known as “UpNorthAirgunner” on social media, has made a big splash in the hunting community by way of super powerful, large caliber airguns. With a military background in Armored Tanks and long range combat, Chris knows what it takes to get the job done at distance. We discuss when and how to properly use airguns for hunting and where their limits lie as well as how to get involved in your community to begin the approval process of airgun hunting for big game animals. Chris has personally confirmed hits on target at over 1200 yards with airguns. He holds a confirmed world record along side this feat and has been seen on his YouTube channel performing many other challenging shots. Among many new innovations, one topic we tackle is copper ammo for airguns. Copper ammunition, up until the latest advancements, has not been on the radar in the airgun industry because the issue of friction and lack of pressure produced by airguns compared to firearms, however; Turek is currently working with a company in the firearms world to cross over into airguns with new ammunition technology that could forever change the big bore hunting capacity of airguns allowing copper slugs to enter the scene and be utilized with astonishing accuracy.

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