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Texas Hog Hunting With Airguns | Hoggin Some Lever Action

Hoggin Some Lever Action

In this episode of American Airgunner, we’re Texas Airgun Hog Hunting with Steve Criner and his Sam Yang Dragon Claw .50 caliber Rifle shooting an Air Venturi Air Bolt arrow made for airguns. Watch as Steve does some hog stalking and closes the deal on some big ole long-snouted hogs.  Plus Rossi is at the American Airgunner Saloon with the new Legend Lever Action from Umarex Airguns and his Colt Peacemaker.  If you like hog hunting and cowboy action shooting then you won’t want to miss this episode.

Air Venturi Air Bolt, 6 pack

  • 0.50″ Caliber bolt
  • Velocity up to 500 fps (when used in Seneca Dragon Claw)
  • Power up to 238 FPE (when used in Seneca Dragon Claw)
  • 430 grains including 100 grain field tip
  • Overall length 23″
  • 300 Spine
  • Constructed from 100% Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber
  • 6 Air Bolts per package

Umarex Legends Cowboy Lever Action CO2 BB Air Rifle

  • CO2
  • Ejectable cartridges
  • Realistic lever action
  • Full metal frame
  • Includes 10 BB cartridges
  • Fixed front sight
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Faux-wood polymer stock
  • Compatible with Umarex Peacemaker BB cartridges
  • Powered by (2) 12 g CO2 Capsules housed in the stock


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