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Telling The Other 99% of Our Hunting Stories with Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins

Could it be that we as Hunters are one of the biggest threats to hunting existing in the future? Are we part of the reason the lifestyle is under attack? How can we change the tide? Many deep questions like this rise to the surface as Robbie Kroger and I tackle the subject of hunting. Robbie’s pursuit of these questions gave rise to the Non-Profit “Blood Origins”, who’s primary goal is to convey the truth about hunting and how to align ourselves properly with that message. Like it or not, we are responsible in large for the picture in non hunters’ minds about what it means to hunt and to be a hunter. Please be sure to stick around until the end to figure out how you can win awesome gear for day to day life and in the field use as well as once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunities for you and 2 buddies when you support Blood Origins for the cost of a cup of coffee per month!

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