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Ryan Rehm: Branding Shooter 1721, Media Management and Entrepreneurship

Ryan’s extensive experience with the shooting industry and media management has allowed him to produce some of the best content we as airugnners know. He is the man behind the beloved and well-known channel, “Shooter 1721” with Airgun Trick Shot Extraordinaire, Rick Rehm who is Ryan’s father. His role in the shooting community does not stop there though. He and his wife are a big part of The Airgun Sporting Association and many other outdoor organizations that promote hunting and giving back to support parks and wildlife for habitat and wildlife management as well as the promotion of the Second Amendment. On top of his story, many entrepreneurial endeavors and entry into airguns, Ryan is able to give us a literal behind-the-scenes look at some of the things you may want to consider when you’re thinking about content creation especially in the shooting realm. Be sure to follow along with his other projects like “Nighthawk Media” and “Liberty or Death Co.”

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