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How to Set Up Your Ballistics App and Where to Aim When Shooting At an Angle

How do I become a better shot at long range? How can I stretch out my max range of being effective and accurate for hunting? Where do I aim when I’m shooting at an angle? These are all very important questions to ask when it comes to shooting. A very popular question when it comes to precision shooting with airguns is what app to use for your ballistics calculations but even more so is how to set up the app. In this Q&A we talk about why you should have a ballistics app to maximize your long range accuracy and what data is necessary to give you the best chances of your app calculating correctly for you. This means ballistic coefficients, humidity, spin drift etc… Many variable are at play so the more data you can gather the better. Don’t forget to check out past episodes and Q&A content that helps you get better every day! Feel free to write in your questions on Instagram!

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