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Hog Hunting From Helicopters With Airguns

Airgunning Hogs From Helicopters

On this episode of American Airgunner Rossi is hunting hogs from a helicopter in Texas with good friends Eydin Hansen of the Texas Hog Hunters Association and Andy Anderson of Executive Outdoor Adventures. The hog population in Texas is high and the damage done to crops and pasture can get out of control.  Hence, the reason for the Texas Hog Depredation Act which allows landowners to offset the financial losses caused by hogs with hunting tourism dollars.  Maintaining this population is a way to keep this invasive species from altering the already existing ecosystem. Hunting from helicopters enables the hunter and landowner to expedite the process. Tune in as Rossi proves to Andy just how capable an airgun is as an effective tool in taking care of even the biggest of hogs.  Lastly a big thank you goes out to Executive Outdoor Adventures for the opportunity in helping to take care of the hog population problem!

In this episode of American Airgunner Rossi is using the Umarex Hammer .50 PCP Air Rifle.

Umarex Hammer .50 PCP Air Rifle

Umarex Hammer .50 PCP Air Rifle

  • Precharged pneumatic (PCP)
  • 2-round chamber magazine (includes 2)
  • Rifled barrel
  • Straight pull speed-bolt with 2 lbs cocking effort
  • 3-lb trigger weight
  • Regulated to 3,000 psi per shot
  • 4,500 fill pressure (24 cubic inch carbon fiber tank)
  • Built-in manometer (pressure gauge)
  • Weaver/Picatinny optics rail
  • PolyOne designed and manufactured stock
  • AR Magpul style grip
  • Integrated rear sling stud
  • 3 slots in forearm grip to accept M-LOK attachments
  • Quick Disconnect Foster fitting
  • 75-inch overall length
  • 5 pound overall weight unloaded without scope
  • 5-inch barrel length with full-length composite shroud
  • Made in the USA

Umarex Hammer™ Energy Generation
Grain Material FPS Energy (ft. lbs.)
180 Umarex® ARX® 1100 484
200 Lead 1055 495
250 Lead 1000 555
275 Lead 945 545
300 Lead 930 576
330 Lead (Lyman) 935 641
350 Lead (Lyman) 875 595
550 Lead 760 700
The World’s Most Powerful PCP Hunter has arrived—The Umarex Hammer.
Able to sling three regulated .50 caliber shots per fill, the Hammer utilizes Umarex’s patent-pending Lightspeed™ valve created specifically to deliver jaw-dropping power.  Crafted to throw 550 grain, .50 caliber slugs downrange at 760fps for an unheard of 700 FPE, and a 250gr slug at 1,000 fps—the Hammer has more than enough power to knock down even the largest game. Powered by a huge 4,500 psi carbon fiber cylinder that is regulated to 3,000 psi allows for 3 consistent, full-powered regulated shots with the ability for a powerful fourth follow-up shot.
Once you fire your first shot, move on to the next by operating the straight-pull bolt to index the 2-round magazine.  The bolt’s low 2-lb cocking effort makes taking a fast follow-up shot shockingly easy. Each Hammer includes two magazines to keep the shots coming.  For added protection, the Hammer employs a three-step safety system that includes a manual trigger safety, hammer-block, and a magazine lockout that prevents the gun from being fired without the magazine inserted.
The stock was crafted in collaboration with PolyOne Corp., renowned as experts in the field of specialized polymer products and resulted in a rough-and-ready all-weather stock built to support this rifle’s powerful shots.  Each stock includes a rear sling stud and three M-LOK slots in the forearm for adding accessories.  The Magpul AR grip contours to the hand, and can be switched out for other AR grips.  When choosing your optics you will have a lot of options with the long 8.5” Weaver/Picatinny rail that rests right above its fully-moderated barrel.  This barrel is reported to be able to put its first three shots within an inch at 50 yards!
Umarex is once again at the forefront of airgun innovation with a rifle that is sure to dominate airgun hunter’s arsenals for years to come.  Grab your Hammer and harness the energy of the most powerful production PCP air rifle in the world!

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