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Bigger is Better – This Week on American Airgunner

FORT SMITH, AR (October 26th, 2015)—Everything is bigger in Texas, so if you missed the Texas Airgun Show here’s your chance to see some of the airguns on display. Watch as we shoot modern airguns and antique airguns. Rossi Morreale even shoots an air rifle that’s 200 years old!

This week’s Round Table is about big bore airgun ammunition. Rossi, Tom Gaylord, Rick Eutsler, and Jim Chapman take it outside to see what a round ball does against a big bore pellet shot from an airgun into a Clear Ballistics Gel block.
This week’s prize in the American Airgunner 2015 Season of Giveaways is a Clear Ballisics FBI gel block. You can ENTER THIS WEEK’S GIVEAWAY on Facebook and find information about Clear Ballistics when you enter at Follow American Airgunner online for the remainder of this year for your chance to win weekly prizes!
Audiences are invited to follow American Airgunner on Facebook, YouTube,, Instagram and to search for #AirgunnerTV to keep up with the show, its host Rossi Morreale, and the show’s guests, airgun hunters, and experts.
American Airgunner airs on Wednesdays at 4:30 pm Eastern, Fridays at 1:30 am and during primetime on Friday evening at 8:30 pm Eastern/5:30 pm Pacific. Pursuit Channel can be found on DirecTV Ch. 604, and DISH Network Ch. 393 and via Roku and Chromecast. Check your local listings for additional channel information.

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