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Bear Hunts and Super Charged Big Bores with Chad Simon of Lethal Air

After being introduced to big bore airgun hunting by a friend, Chad’s interest in airguns and power modifications grew exponentially. It was only a short time before it became a full time job operating Lethal Air Airgun Shop. Lethal Air was able to produce super-powered big bores capable of energy outputs never-before-seen in the airgun industry and they are not stopping anytime soon. As of the latest, they have a 50 caliber airgun putting out over 1,200 FPE (foot pounds of energy)! Just for some perspective we can take a one-hundred and fifty grain .308 hunting round traveling at almost three-thousand feet per second. This is far above super-sonic speeds with pressures upwards of sixty-thousand PSI occurring in the barrel of that gun.  We are able to produce almost half of that energy with working pressures of only 4,500 PSI compared to the 60,000. With this type of technology it has opened the door even further for ethical big game hunting with airguns. Chad hosts camps each year now like the “Maine Bear Camp” where food, lodging and the animal are all in one inclusive package for the big bore airgun hunters. Be sure to follow along with lethal air with the links below.

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