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American Airgunner | Lethal Air Big Bore Hunt

Hunting With Big Bore Airguns?

On this episode of American Airgunner, Rossi is taking his dad Roscoe airgun hunting for the first time ever. The guys are hunting at the Mountain Meadow Hunting Preserve in West Virginia for the first ever Lethal Air Big Bore Hunt.  Roscoe is coming off of rotator cuff surgery just six weeks prior and the guys are dealing with steep and wet terrain. After two failed attempts at a ram, Roscoe is able to connect using the Umarex Hammer and puts down a trophy ram. With plenty of daylight left, Rossi heads back out into the hills to go after a trophy hog. Using the Ataman M2 .357 and Polymag Predator pellets Rossi is able to put down a 300lb plus hog!


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