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2016 American Airgunner Starts June 29th

Welcome to American Airgunner 2016!
It’s nearing time to get down to the nitty gritty and this year we are jam packed with more air gun hunts, more educational and informative round tables and of course more air guns. Our host, Rossi Morreale will be joined by the Godfather of Airguns, Tom Gaylord, the American Airgun Hunter, Jim Chapman, the Dog Soldier Steve Criner and a few new air gunnies who will crack an egg of knowledge and offer a fresh take on tons of airgun topics.
We’re traveling across the country to check out everything from airgun shows, airgun 3 gun competitions, and of course we’ll hook up with some of the country’s best airgun hunters. So sit back, relax, set your DVR’s and subscribe to the American Airgunner YouTube Channel to enjoy an all new season of American Airgunner.
We’re gonna kick off the season with Rossi’s trip to the Sacramento Valley in California where he meets up with airgunner and professional airgun turkey hunter, Glenn Elliot. The segment is set in a beautiful countryside with plenty of turkey to choose from. Subscribe to our Facebook feed so you’ll know when this episode airs. You don’t want to miss the action as Rossi tries to put some dinner on the table with his Umarex Octane .22.
You may want to follow us on Instagram too, so you won’t miss Rossi’s Air Gun Reviews. His take on the Colt M45 CQBP by Umarex will leave you wanting to go straight to to order one direct.

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